5K Per Day



$5K Per Day


From Subliminal Video Messages

Founded and Created by Nelson Berry

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 $5K Per Day


 The amazing $5K Per Day Video has been around several years, but remains popular still.  It is from Subliminal Video Messages, founded and created by Nelson Berry.

Subliminal Videos offer a virtual vision board type of experience, as you gaze at the slideshow style presentation, filled with images of positive people, places, and events.  As you watch and relax, barely visible text messages flash quickly, around 30 frames per second, aimed straight toward your subconscious mind.  Mirrored in the relaxing soundtrack are audio versions of the same affirmations.

Please note that not everyone that uses this video makes $5,000 per day; this was an early testimonial from one of Nelson Berry's customers.  It seems the customer already made good money, but after using the videos, noticed an increase in income, and reported making $5,000 in a day.  This may have even inspired the name of this video, and series.

Having disclosed that $5,000 doesn't rain down immediately to all who use the $5K Per Day subliminal video, there are still lots of users who have noticed an improvement in finances through regular use.  If you believe in the concepts presented in the movie "The Secret" ®, then you may realize that with most self improvement products, the real magic comes from within you, as your personal power is ignited.  The product is just the medium in that process, and different people will experience different results, as the process is subjective. 

You'll see images of boats, money, successful people, and enjoy a relaxing experience in semi-automated meditation. 


5k per day video

$5K Per Day Subliminal Video Messages

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 $5K Per Day Video


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